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Microsoft OOXML Format Standardization put on Hold

Microsoft Logo After Brazil, India, South Africa appealed against Microsoft’s Open Office XML document (OOXML) format as an ISO/IEC International Standard, even Venezuela has joined the opposition team. As a result, ISO has put the standardization decision on hold.

ISO and the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) approved the OOXML file format as an international standard in April and participating countries were asked to appeal against the decision within two months. India, Brazil, South Africa, and Venezuela had appealed against the decision claiming that the voting procedure was not satisfactory.

These countries also said that sufficient time wasn’t offered for discussing improvements in the format. Another reason to complain was that the OOXML is not fully compatible with other document formats, claim opposing countries.

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OOXML is a default file-saving format of Microsoft Office 2007. The format ensures that documents, presentations and spreadsheet files are readable even if they are created using a significantly different program.

Now, the Open Office XML format is being kept on hold until the investigation on the matter is completed. The investigation is expected to take a long time. This means that global standardization of the OOXML format may take several months more.

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