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Microsoft Office Remote helps you pull off Excel, Word, PowerPoint presentations, no sweat

If you ever find the need to remotely manage Word, Excel or PowerPoint while giving a presentation, which is probably too often, then Microsoft has an answer for you. As long as you own a Windows Phone 8 device, that is.

What you need

Office Remote is a new app which can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store for free. It allows users to control presentations without breaking a sweat by deploying their phones for the task. The things needed to be ticked off the checklist before that include a Bluetooth-enabled computer, any version of Microsoft Office 2013 (except RT), a desktop software add-in and a handset running the company’s mobile OS, of course.

Microsoft Office Remote

What can you do with Office Remote?

When it comes to Word documents, zoom control and the ability to scroll by line or screen with the smartphone-turned-remote, are offered. If you’re talking about Excel, then hopping between graphs, spreadsheets and other objects, tweaking zoom, using PivotTables, navigation through rows or columns and more, won’t be a problem courtesy of this app.

If you spend a lot of time tackling PowerPoint, then an on-screen laser pointer and the power to jump to particular slides right from a phone may seem like a convenient option. Office Remote can also be employed to kick off presentations, view thumbnails, check out speaker cues, move slides backward or forward and so on and so forth.

YouTube video

Here’s the link to Office Remote in Windows Phone Store and the desktop add-in we mentioned above can be downloaded by hitting this.