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Microsoft Office 365 subscription pricing for Home Premium edition announced

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Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium has been released worldwide and subscription pricing revealed. The service is targeted at use in busy households where cloud capabilities make things more convenient and has been made to work across up to 5 devices which can include Windows PCs and tablets. The Redmond company has also released a University edition of the new suite, while it has updated its traditional Office suite.

Office 365 Home Premium comprises of the latest set of applications from the software giant. It will include just one license which will allow the entire family to use the suite of products on up to 5 devices including Windows tablets, PCs and Macs. An additional 20GB of cloud storage will be made available on SkyDrive which, as the company points out, is almost 3 times the storage available with a free SkyDrive account.

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And the Washington-based bigwig has also made another interesting announcement. Microsoft has revealed that it will shift its focus to the cloud, with the online platform getting the sweet treatment when it comes to updates and fresh features. New services will make it to the cloud first, and this will mark a striking change to the company’s conventional three-year release cycle.

That preferential treatment will be given to subscribers and that spanking features will be streamed to them as they are readied, is something of a 180-degree turn in the company’s long-standing philosophy. The ever-increasing connectedness of peoples’ lives and the fact that they are extremely work oriented has probably led to so drastic a shift. Whatever the reason, those willing to get onto a subscription will receive notable benefits.


The Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium edition is available on a subscription at $99.99 for the period of a year. That is equivalent to about $8.34 per month. And the cloud solution has been launched in India as well. It can be purchased for an annual signup rate of Rs. 4,199, which comes to about Rs. 350 per month. Those interested in smaller portions can also get themselves a monthly subscription at Rs. 420 per month. For a little perspective, the service has been made available in 162 markets around the world and in 21 languages.

So Microsoft is enticing potential users with the additional 20GB of SkyDrive storage. There are also 60 free Skype minutes every month to anywhere in the world. It seems the company is clawing for people to get onto the cloud.