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Microsoft offers 20GB free SkyDrive storage to Windows Phone customers

During the festive season, Microsoft is playing Santa to all Windows Phone customers as the company has announced that it will be offering 20GB of free SkyDrive storage to them. But it should be noted that the online space will only be available to you for about a year, after which the Redmond-based company may even ask you to return it back to them.

Nevertheless, you at least will have additional space to store your digital content on the cloud, without having to pay anything extra for the same. Windows Phone users already get 7GB of SkyDrive storage with their respective handheld devices and this 20GB space will be in addition to this. The offer is valid only for a limited period of time.

Additional SkyDrive

Microsoft sent out emails to all of its customers to inform them about their Christmas gift. Interested customers will have to click on the link in the email in order to activate the extra storage. And as we said, it is a limited time offer, so people are requested to get the storage before January 31.

As you may already know, SkyDrive has been built into all WP devices and can easily be launched on the phone. Users can choose to save all of their digital content like music, pictures, videos, documents and more directly to the cloud service by changing the settings on the phone. Also, it can be accessed via a web browser through any internet-enabled gadget or via dedicated SkyDrive apps on phones running other platforms.

As we mentioned above, Microsoft will be sending you an email with a link that needs to be visited if you want to increase your SkyDrive storage by 20GB for a year.