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Microsoft msnNow website sheds light on trending topics

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Microsoft has unveiled a new website called msnNow that enables social butterflies to keep abreast with the trending topics from around the world. It aims to inform the audience at large about the latest news, popular subjects and other such reports from all across the Internet. This online entrant will also bring in interesting information from websites like Bing, Facebook, Twitter, BreakingNews.com and more.

The layout of the site is designed with a ‘Biggest Movers’ space located at the top right end for displaying the latest topics making headlines in real time. Furthermore, it regularly gets updated with the top 10 results, which covers the most talked, searched or read about items as well as all those who are losing position on the block. Users who wish to share a particular post, video or any other update found on this post through various social networking options, can do so by clicking the butterfly near the concerned topic. It will offer various options through which the desired information can be directly shared.

“Every moment of every day, people are searching, sharing, tweeting and posting content. With so much information available, it’s hard for you to know what’s trending and why; so every few minutes our newly developed ‘Demand Dashboard’ looks back at the last 24 hours to tally, sort and analyze millions of Bing searches, public Facebook posts, tweets, shared URLs and breaking news stories. It sifts through all the data and looks for patterns to emerge – detecting breaking trends as they happen, so you can easily find out what everyone will be talking about. We think that by applying this new technology, msnNow can deliver timely and socially relevant information so you can stay in the know,” said Bob Visse, General Manager, MSN through the official msn blog.

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Apart from the PC, this new website can also be accessed through the medium of tablets and mobile phones as well as SNS options like Twitter and Facebook. Readers can choose from among their favorite topics that span across various genres such as entertainment, lifestyle, finance and others.

The Microsoft msnNow website is now accessible to all Internet surfers via now.msn.com.


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