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Microsoft May Develop Super App To Take On Apple & Google

microsoft logo Microsoft will reportedly build an all-in-one ‘super app’ to compete with Apple and Google mobile dominance.

The application might combine shopping, messaging, web search, news and other services all in one place, reports AppleInsider.

Executives at Microsoft believe that the application will help to grow both Bing search and their advertising business.

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The tech giant aspires to emulate companies such as Tencent, which has all-in-one applications like WeChat.

It is still unclear whether the company will ever release such an application. Meanwhile, last month, the tech giant had introduced ‘polls’ that offer users a way to create polls right away with the Microsoft Forms app, making meetings more engaging in Teams.

To post a poll in a Teams channel or get instant feedback in a chat pane, go to the channel or chat you want to include a poll in, then at the bottom of your Teams window, select Forms, then add your question – and – Answer options.

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