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Microsoft makes Windows 10 a compulsory download

Windows 10

Starting this week, Microsoft will begin making the upgrade to Microsoft 10 a mandatory switch instead of a voluntary one. The update has been tagged as optional so far but will now become recommended.

Microsoft had warned users in advance of this happening last year but did not give a clear date as to when it would start. Now anyone who owns a Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 PC will automatically download Windows 10. They can choose to stop it before it installs, but there’s a chance many of them might set it up accidently without being aware of what they’re doing.

Windows 10 has had its share of mixed reviews ever since it came out into the limelight back in July last year. Some had praised its design and faster performance, while others had suffered from lags and stability issues. Quite a few feel Microsoft’s latest move to force people to download it is invasive and wrong.

Individuals who have no interest in trying out Windows 10 will have to switch off automatic updates under the Windows Update setting. They’ll be forced to manually check for upgrades after they do this in order to continue getting security patches and other vital software. There’s also a roll-back option for consumers who have already set up the new OS.

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Microsoft keeps a copy of the previous Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 software for a month after the date of installation. All a user has to do is head to Settings, followed by Update and Security and finally choosing Recovery. The tech giant claims over 200 million PCs all around the world have adopted Windows 10. It’s goal is to reach a billion by the middle of 2018.