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Microsoft makes Photosynth public

Microsoft has finally launched its Live Labs’ Photosynth publicly. Photosynth is an application that lets you see images as three dimensional when images are put together. An image can be attached to the related one, together to produce a 3D effect.

So while you cribbed about how you forgot to take your handycam to your trip to Venice, you can produce an almost real like ambience with the 3D images on your desktop.

Microsoft Photosynth

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You can move around in your pictures, left or right, up and down and also turn back and front. One of the best features happen to be that you can zoom into a place in the photo and yet see it clearly without any pixilation and as the resolution remains intact.

Apparently, Microsoft is providing 20GB of storage space on its servers for the Photosynth users. While users can ‘synth’ the photos on their desktops they can also upload their photos on the web via Photosynth. Either put them in the public domain under the Creative Commons license or upload them under the ‘All Rights Reserved’ category.

To use the Photosynth, all you need to do is visit www.photosynth.com and click the go button and install the photo uploader from there. While atleast a 256 MB of your desktop’s memory is essential for the installation, 1GB will do better. Plus a minimum of 32MB of graphic cards is required. Well, no Mac support here. Only Windows XP (SP2 or SP3) and Windows Vista is what the application needs.

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