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Microsoft Limited Edition Artist Series mice unleashed

Microsoft Limited Edition Artist Series

With the Microsoft Limited Edition Artist Series mouse options, the tech giant allows users to express themselves through mobile computing. Designers like Calvin Ho, Matt Lyon, Zansky, Dana McClure and Yellena James have been assigned the task of decorating the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500.

Besides imprinting the aforementioned mouse with the works of these artists, the company will be releasing this gadget in blue and magenta shades. Also, the Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000 is slated to be made available in the said colors, along with another variant drenched in flame red. This company makes use of printing technologies and treats the peripheral as a canvas to transfer high resolution art onto it.

Microsoft Limited Edition Series 01

“As computers become smaller and smaller, we see people taking them out of the home more and more. When they do that, they start to be aware of how their devices are a reflection of themselves. So you see people put more effort into making their technology reflect their personality, whether it’s an Artist Series mouse, a pink computer, or a bumper sticker. People use that as an outlet of self-expression – it’s really cool,” commented Lindsey Kujawski, a user experience designer for Microsoft Hardware.

The 3500 ambidextrous mouse has been embedded with a dual-colored battery indicator. It is accompanied by a transceiver that can be placed in a bay at the bottom of the mouse when it is not plugged into a computer. With 2.4Hz wireless connection, this device is deployed with BlueTrack technology that makes it compatible with multiple surfaces.

Microsoft Limited Edition Series 02

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 belonging to the Microsoft Limited Edition Artists Series mice, is priced at $29.95, while the Mobile Mouse 1000 carries a price tag of $24.95.