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Microsoft is killing Windows 10 S and turning it into a mode

Windows 10 S Surface Laptop

It’s been a little less than a year since Windows 10 S arrived on the scene, but it looks like it hasn’t done as well as Microsoft had hoped it would. The company hasn’t given up though, as it’s just announced plans to turn the software into a mode instead of a full-blown OS.

To recap, Windows 10 S was released as a separate OS which would boast of enhanced performance and security by way of only allowing downloads from the Windows Store and making Microsoft Edge the permanent default browser. The company also claims that it boots up within 5 seconds and offers superior battery life.

Windows 10 S made its debut with the Surface Laptop, but eventually spread to other devices made by firms like Samsung, Dell, and Asus, with a particular focus on education. While Microsoft says feedback has been positive, it’s also admitted that customers and partners found the naming to be a bit confusing.

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Microsoft for its part is trying to make things simpler by shelving Windows 10 S as a standalone OS and remarketing it as Windows 10 Home with S mode, Windows 10 Pro with S mode, and Windows 10 Enterprise with S mode. This will be enabled with the next update to Windows 10 which is set to arrive soon.

The core tenets of Windows 10 S remain the same even in S mode, but its mission statement is a bit clearer now that it’s been relegated as a spin-off of Windows 10 rather than a whole new OS. If anyone wants to opt out of S Mode and upgrade to the full version of Windows 10, they can do so free of cost.

This is a solid development as it allows users a clear choice between the 2 options. Microsoft says new Windows 10 with S mode devices are coming from its partners within the next couple of months.