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Microsoft Nokia MD-12 portable speakers revealed in India, priced at Rs 4499

No one’s gonna say no to small, adorable portable speakers and Microsoft knows this so well, it’s confidently launching the Nokia MD-12 in India. Available in yellow, green, orange and white color options which echo the company’s Lumia design approach, this Bluetooth-enabled speaker is priced at Rs 4499.

The Nokia MD-12 speaker is a powerhouse if its small size is to be considered. Its components are occupied by a charming body that measures just 38mm in length and 84mm in diameter. This small form factor also makes room for an 1830mAh battery unit inside it.

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Microsoft has mentioned that this portable speaker comes equipped with a 3.5mm cable for connecting to desktops, laptops or other devices. Alternatively, smartphone and tablet owners can also make use of its Bluetooth and NFC compatibility for establishing wireless connections.

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As far as battery life goes, the Nokia MD-12 can provide 15 hours of music playback on a single complete charge, making it a neat travel accessory. Microsoft also stresses on its capability of turning into a speaker-phone while on the go.

Coming to the technicals, this portable speaker can be revved up to provide 95dB of sound at 0.5 meters away from it. A built-in vibrating actuator present on its base moreover, works intelligently to deliver different effects based on the objects it is placed on.

Although the Nokia MD-12 speaker has been launched by Microsoft in India, it is still to be made available for purchase. Look for that to happen within the coming days, and keep aside Rs 4499 if you’re interested in buying it.