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Microsoft to heavily redesign Surface Pro 6 for 2019 debut

Microsoft Surface Pro 5
Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Microsoft’s Surface lineup is slowly making its way back into the spotlight. Thurrot recently reported about 3 members of the series and now ZDNet has come out with a report of its own.

The Surface Pro 6 is apparently codenamed Carmel and will probably come out at some point in mid-2019. There aren’t any details about what changes Microsoft is planning to make, except that the 2-in-1 is set to get heavily redesigned.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Speculation

Microsoft hasn’t really messed around with the style of its flagship tablet since it got launched, so any major modification is welcome. Before the next-gen version arrives though, the company might refresh the current one with an 8th-gen Intel processor this fall.

Even the Surface Laptop may be due for an 8th-gen Intel refresh at the same time. The article doesn’t say for certain whether these updated models will include USB-C ports. They ideally should, if only to keep up with current trends. Both will likely stick to Surface Connect ports, but that’s a given.

As for the cheaper Surface tablet, it seems the brand is preparing a family of these for a launch this summer. They bear the codename Libra in some circles, while others say it could be internally referred to as Lex. Suggested specs include a 10-inch screen, USB-C charging ports, and a lightweight design which is 20% less heavy than the current Surface Pro models.

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Other assorted Microsoft products being worked on include the Surface Hub 2 and HoloLens, with both due for a 2019 release. The latter may be codenamed Sydney. It might weigh less, utilize an AI chip, and have a better field of view. It could even be cheaper, but that’s not for certain.

There are also some Surface accessories in the mix. One is a Surface dock, due for a late 2019 debut, and the other is a headphone/mic combination which may work just like the Jabra Evolve. It might hit markets in 2018 or early 2019.