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Microsoft Hardware Creates Awareness on Ergonomically Designed Products in India

A Play being staged by Microsoft Hardware India

Microsoft Hardware has initiated a rather interesting campaign called “Microsoft Lao, Haath Bachao” in India. The “Microsoft Lao, Haath Bachao” drive when literally translated means Get Microsoft and Save your Hands, by this any smart mind can guess that here’s something that’s got to do with ergonomic design of peripherals and products. The first campaign kicked off on Thursday at capital Delhi and the drive will soon travel to 11 other cities across the country with the mission of making people aware about the significance of using products that are well-suited to the human body.

Plays in strategically located commercial places will be held, where Microsoft Hardware will be explaining the value of using ergonomically designed products.

In addition, the company has also announced an exchange offer for consumers, where the existing mice and keyboards can be exchange to purchase the ergonomically designed peripherals from Microsoft Hardware.

Speaking about the latest initiative, Mohit Anand, Country Manager, Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division said, “In today’s changing lifestyles, where consumers are spending more and more time on the computer, there is a tremendous need for products that offer comfort and productivity. Research has found that individual employee performance increased 25 per cent when they used an ergonomically designed workstation. Through our campaign ‘Microsoft Lao, Haath Bachao’, we aim to communicate the importance of taking care of oneself especially one’s hands. During this campaign we are also providing special exchange schemes for our customers to buy ergonomically designed products in exchange for their old mice and keyboards.”

Ajaya Kumar, MD, The Park Computer, Delhi said, “There has always been a demand for Microsoft Hardware’s product. Since we are in regular touch with the customers, we believe that one of the key reason for the increasing demand for Microsoft products is superior product quality and innovative designs which are both ergonomic and user friendly. Through this campaign, more people will be educated about the importance of using ergonomically designed products.” Continuing, “The special exchange offer introduced by Microsoft Hardware in line with the campaign will attract more customers and will help in sales as well.”

It’s indeed nice to know that companies are walking that extra mile in order to give their customers the best, in terms of service, features and functionality keeping in mind what’s best for the users in the terrain of heath and physical well-being too.