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Microsoft’s foldable Andromeda gets delayed to 2019

Microsoft Andromeda Concept
Image Credit: David Breyer

Microsoft’s mysterious Andromeda project is reportedly going back to the drawing board. This is bad news for folks looking forward to checking out the company’s foldable device since they’ll now have to wait longer to see it.

Thurrott reports that Microsoft initially wanted to release Andromeda in late 2018. However, it abruptly changed its plans just a few weeks ago. ZDNet’s Mary Jo recently claimed that the software needed for Andromeda was not going to make it into the brand’s Redstone 5 (RS5) build.

Microsoft Andromeda Timeline

This led many to assume that Microsoft had axed Andromeda permanently. Thurrott says this isn’t the case, as the company was actually sending it back to be reworked. Multiple sources have told the publication that the tech giant plans to overhaul the software and hardware before committing to a launch.

It seems the software and hardware as it is now don’t create a compelling solution that would help the Microsoft brand, not to mention the Surface brand. The report also points out that the bi-fold device would use an ARM processor. The best it could have used to come out this year would be the Snapdragon 835, last year’s Qualcomm flagship.

A better idea would be to wait for Qualcomm to finish making chips explicitly meant for PCs. Those are due to arrive early next year. The Andromeda could follow in its footsteps at some point in late 2019. This isn’t certain though. As seen in the situation outlined above, Microsoft could just pull the plug on the product if it’s not good enough.

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While this may be frustrating to fans, Microsoft has a right to be worried. If done right, Andromeda could be a best-seller like the Surface lineup. If done wrong, it could end up a failure like the Lumia or Surface RT series.