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Microsoft lends a hand to Android Wear owners who want to easily type on smartwatches

Analog Keyboard is an application made by Microsoft’s ever so innovative Research wing, which has been aimed at coming to the rescue of those who want to type out their input on Android Wear smartwatches with easy. Currently working on specific devices, this software is not a finished product by any means, but it still can be tested out by interested parties.

Microsoft’s Analog Keyboard will remind you of those ancient phones which took alphabetical input by recognizing what you drew on the touchscreen. This eliminates the need for a full-blown keyboard, like the one we see on smartphones and tablets, and like the one Minuum provides for smartwatches as well.

Analog Keyboard

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Android Wear products much easily take voice input, but those who feel awkward to speak to their smartwatches while in public can very well go for such utilities. Microsoft’s prototype keyboard is pretty easy to use, according to what can be gathered from the video down below.

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A wide open space is reserved on the UI for drawing letters one by one in order to form words, while the left and right flanks house erase and space keys, respectively. The keyboard even goes on to suggest potential words, so you can forget about typing out the rest of them.

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YouTube video

This Android Wear software has been made available by Microsoft Research only for Android Wear smartwatches bearing a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels, which means there’s no room for it on the LG G Watch. Owners of the Samsung Gear Live and the Motorola Moto 360 however, can give it a try by following the instructions on this link.

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