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Microsoft’s dual-screen foldable Surface device gets leaked

Microsoft Andromeda
Image Credit: David Breyer

Microsoft’s mysterious Andromeda project just got a lot less mysterious thanks to a email discussing the gadget. It seems the brand is going to pitch it as a pocketable Surface device.

To recap, Andromeda is the code name for an underground Microsoft project. It’s gotten leaked plenty of times thanks to patents and OS references, but no one has a clear idea of what it’s actually going to be.

Microsoft Andromeda Concept
Image Credit: David Breyer

The Verge has now obtained an internal document which describes Andromeda as something which Microsoft has quietly incubated internally. The company hopes it’ll create a “new and disruptive” device category which influences the overall Surface roadmap and blurs the lines between PC and mobile.

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These are lofty goals and the pocketable form factor of the new Surface device is key to this target. Microsoft says it’s going to bring together innovative hardware and software to create a personal and versatile computing experience.

Microsoft Dual-Screen Andromeda Design

Samsung is reportedly working on a foldable device of its own, but that sounds like a blend of a phone and a tablet. Andromeda could try to combine a PC and smartphone. Microsoft is apparently blessing it with a wraparound display which bridges the gap of the hinge when it’s fully laid out.

The report claims that current engineering samples of the new Surface product look similar to 3D concepts made by David Breyer (see above). His renders were, in turn, based on Microsoft patents. It looks like a digital notebook, perhaps allowing users to jot down notes using a digital pen.

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Microsoft is supposedly experimenting with just such an arrangement. It’s also said to have placed ARM processors inside prototypes, but hasn’t decided whether it will stick to Intel or Qualcomm for the final device.

Andromeda may finally see the light of day in 2018. Sources warn that Microsoft could change its mind at any time though, so there’s a chance we’ll never see it get a chance to shine.

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SourceThe Verge