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Microsoft declares war on bloatware with new Windows 10 tool

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update has gotten a lot of people excited for the major upgrades it’ll bring to the table come July. This enthusiasm may just reach a fever pitch with the news that the tech giant is planning to release a tool which will allow people to kill all the pre-installed crapware floating around in their PC.

Dubbed Refresh Windows, the tool is already available as a free download via the brand’s site. There’s one catch though, since you’ll have to be a member of the company’s Insider program. The feature will probably gain a lot of traction among consumers who are sick of in-built OEM bloatware which takes up valuable space and slows down their computer in the process.

According to a Microsoft forum post, Refresh Windows basically installs a pristine version of Windows 10, effectively erasing the pre-installed one. Users can either choose to completely scrub their PC clean or keep their personal files. Once the program works its magic, they’ll be greeted with a brand new OS free of OEM applications, support applications and drivers.

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However, it’s important to note that Refresh Windows will remove all third-party software like Office as well. So consumers will have to be prepared to reinstall all their applications. This sounds like an arduous task, but it could be worth it just to nuke all that pointless crapware.

In light of that, it might work best if Refresh Windows is utilized right after buying a new PC and before any important apps are installed. The tool works for all Insider builds starting from 14342. That particular version came out in May, so there’s a high likelihood that Microsoft will allow the program to run in the final Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

You can download Refresh Windows now via this link.