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Microsoft is busy making a Chrome-like browser for Windows 10, IE will stay alive though

For years now, people using Microsoft’s Windows operating system have depended mostly upon Mozilla and Google’s solutions for their browsing needs, frankly due to Internet Explorer’s tardy nature. The Redmond-based giant has finally taken notice of this it seems, as it’s apparently building a new faster and more efficient browser now.

But that does not mean that it will be giving the boot to Internet Explorer. Microsoft will purportedly be including both the browsers in its upcoming Windows 10 platform. The reason for this is not clear, but backwards compatibility is something that’s believed to be the logic behind it.

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This new browser of Microsoft’s will be codenamed Spartan, and is expected to be light in nature as well. Moreover, extension support like in the case of Chrome and Firefox will also form part of it. According to ZDNet, Thomas Nigro who’s a Microsoft Student Partner lead and developer of the modern version of VLC had said on Twitter this month that he had heard about the company building a brand-new browser in an episode from the LiveTile podcast.

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Sources of the above mentioned website say that the new utility will still be making use of Microsoft’s Chakra JavaScript engine and Trident rendering engine (not WebKit). While Spartan remains just a codename for the project, there’s no word on what this new browser will actually be called once it’s out. It will supposedly be present on both desktop and mobile (phone/tablet) versions of the new operating system.

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January 21 is when Microsoft is expected to reveal new features of the upcoming Windows 10 platform, so we can expect it to unveil its new browser on the said date as well.