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Microsoft Clearflow Software Technology announced

Microsoft Logo Microsoft has announced a plan to launch its new technology named Clearflow. The latest software is developed for helping drivers to avoid traffic jams.

The new software technique will offer drivers alternative route information, so that drivers can avoid traffic jams and save time. The real time traffic conditions on free ways as well as side streets are provided to drivers.

While suggesting routes to drivers, the Clearflow software will take into account small details such as sporting events, current weather and the time of the day, which can help drivers to reach their destinations at the earliest.

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Microsoft further said that it took over five years for them to develop the Clearflow. It was developed by a group of artificial-intelligence researchers at the company’s Research lab.

Microsoft has not revealed any information about the launch of the Clearflow. However, the software is expected to be available through Microsoft’s service. Moreover, it would support 72 cities in the United States.

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