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Microsoft announces free Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows Ink

Microsoft is planning to release a big upgrade for its Windows 10 OS, the tech giant’s first major one since the software’s launch. Dubbed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the new version will be rolled out to all users for free this summer.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will bring in a couple of changes to the OS. First, users will be greeted by a smarter Cortana who can automatically make suggestions throughout the day. These could range from anything like lunch orders to taxi arrangements. The digital assistant will now be present on the lock screen as well, letting user’s quickly access various functions without having to awaken their PC.

Second, there’s a brand new Windows Ink platform which allows consumers to jot down notes using a Pen or finger. Cortana can even recognize the text written by a user and make decisions based on it. For instance, writing call David at 9pm in a sticky note will lead to Cortana setting a reminder for it. The system is additionally integrated with various apps such as Microsoft Edge, Maps and Office.

Windows Hello

Third, Windows Hello has been integrated with Windows apps and Microsoft Edge to offer enhanced security. The company claims the latter is the first browser to natively support biometrics. The system has so far been restricted to the login screen and uses a person’s fingerprint, face or iris to unlock a device.

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Finally, the upgrade will introduce a combined Windows 10 and Xbox app store. Cortana makes her presence felt here as well, acting as a personal gaming assistant to find new games, challenges and tips. Microsoft also plans to add support for multiple GPUs and the option to switch off v-sync. It’s further announced that any Xbox One can act as a dev kit in Xbox Dev Mode.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update doesn’t have a definite release date yet. People who can’t wait to try it out can do so through the brand’s Insider program.