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Microsoft acquires Mobile Apps Firm Danger

Microsoft and Danger Logos Microsoft has reportedly entered into an agreement in which the software giant will acquire Danger, the makers of software and services powering handsets. The acquisition will align Danger’s 10 years of expertise in the mobile consumer space with Microsoft’s vision to provide innovative mobile experiences.

According to Robbie Bach, president of the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft, “Microsoft is a global leader with our Windows Mobile software and expanding mobile services. The addition of Danger serves as a perfect complement to our existing software and services, and also strengthens our dedication to improving mobile experiences centered around individuals and what they like.”

Danger has come to be known for its mobile device called Sidekick which allows users to remain connected, stay organized and informed while on-the-go through real-time mobile messaging, social networking services and other applications.

Danger also offers applications which include HTML Web browsing, instant messaging, games, multimedia, social networking, Web email and personal information management applications.

Microsoft has plans to combine the above mentioned services with its connected entertainment and experiences technologies such as MSN, Xbox, Zune, Windows Live and Windows Mobile.

Interestingly, the company Danger was founded by Andy Rubin, who is currently heading Google’s Android mobile phone project. Thus, what better time than now to use Danger’s expertise in mobile phone software.

The acquisition of Danger by Microsoft is also be touted as just another step by the software giant to move one step ahead of its rival Google, especially after Yahoo! rejected its proposal for a buy-out.