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Microphone that listens to the Urinary System

Microphone Urinary system Nowadays most of the elderly men suffer from ‘Benign Prostatic Enlargement’ (BPE) and it most often compresses the urethra resulting in voiding symptoms. Tim Idzenga, a Dutch researcher has come up with a new invention which is a microphone that measures the resistance of the urethra using sound.

The latest invention will monitor the urinary system and determine the extent up to which the urethra has been compressed. The traditional method to check the urinary system for patients of BPE is by using a catheter inserted into the bladder via the urethra. The method is painful and takes a lot of time to monitor the urinary flow.

The invention by Tim Idzenga involves placing a microphone against the perineum, between the scrotum and anus. The Microphone determines the degree of narrowing of the urethra. The new method makes it simple and easy to monitor the urinary system. The patient is monitored using the microphone while urinating.

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The patent of this invention is being applied and the method will be tested at the urology outpatient clinic of the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. The new method serves a dual purpose which saves on a lot of time and also reduces the pain and suffering involved.

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