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Micro Technologies unveils Security Products that sends SMS Alerts upon Theft in India

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You must be well used to receiving SMSes as well as emails that announce the latest offers on cars, houses, mobile phones and more. Now, imagine getting an SMS saying, “Someone is attempting to break into your car?”, or even an email that warns you of a gas leak at home.

Mumbai-based Micro Technologies has introduced a few products that help to curb thefts and also to warn users of impending accidents that require immediate attention- all through SMS, emails and also via the landline.

One such product unveiled by Micro Technologies is called Micro Vehicle Black Box or Micro VBB. It is an anti-theft security system that enables the user to detect any unauthorized access into his or her vehicle.

According to Dr. P. Sekhar, Chairman and Managing Director, Micro Technologies, “Micro VBB uses various sensors to detect smoke or events such as forcible intrusion. It is also proactive in enabling the vehicle owner to exercise control over his vehicle till it is traced.”

However, in case the owner of the car is too late and it has already been robbed, then he must send commands in a prescribed format via SMS to a particular number. Once this SMS reaches the system, it immobilizes the car engine and locks the door.

In fact, so effective is Micro technologies’ Micro VBB anti-theft system that over 2000 private car-owners including corporate customers are currently using this remote activated device.

Yet another product from Micro Technologies is called ‘Micro House Security System (HSS), which is also a security product, but it is meant for homes. HSS can be used on premises to alert users of any unauthorized entry, which is again in the form of an alert message.

Mr. Sekhar said, “Apart from messaging as a mode of intimation during incidents such as intrusion, smoke detection or gas leakage, the system is also incorporated with audio effects such as a siren.”


  1. Such type of product may be vulnerable to attack by hacker. because if someone change sender name in sms and set it to specific mobile number, which is used for Authentication(password).


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