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5 Methods To Protect Your Computer Network

Things have changed since the beginning of the internet. It isn’t as free, but it is just as—if not more—wild as it used to be. There are new threats arising every day. From hackers and identity thieves to malware and viruses, there is no shortage of things that can happen to you online. Whether you are a tech business or an individual who simply wants to be protected online, below are five methods to securely protect your computer network.

Use a Virtual Private Network

vpn One of the best places to start is with a virtual private network, or VPN. A VPN is a browser that is completely encrypted. You might think that using incognito mode on your browser is enough. Think again. Your internet provider knows exactly what websites you went on, and if they can see it, what will stop hackers? With a VPN, you can hide where you go online, what information you input into the browser, and much more. Whether you are thinking about protecting a business from hackers or your personal identity from identity thieves, a VPN is the best place to start securing your computer network.

Use Encrypted Messaging

encryption There are also encrypted messaging apps that you should be using. When you are sending sensitive information to colleagues or customers, you want to make sure the messages are protected. This is where one of these apps comes in. Even if you aren’t using messaging in a business capacity, if you are sending something private or sensitive, you should use encryption on all your messages. These days, it really doesn’t matter what you are doing—an encrypted messaging app is essential to daily life and protecting ourselves online.

Hire a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

A more advanced way to protect your computer network is by hiring one of the many managed security service providers (MSSP). These services take a much more sophisticated approach to ensuring the protection of your network. The goal of this service is to mitigate threats on the network by using intrusion detection, incident response, penetration testing, and other security solutions.

Beyond safeguarding your business against attacks from the outside, the MSSP will also facilitate the process of being compliant with regulatory bodies. This is particularly pertinent for businesses. When you need to alleviate the burden of day-to-day security management, hiring a MSSP will enable you to get the job done and focus on what you need to do elsewhere.

Use Cloud Storage

cloud-computers Whether you are a person who needs to make room on their devices or a business that needs to properly store and secure data, Cloud storage is quickly becoming a must-have for any network. With Cloud storage, you can free up your computer and protect the information that you have on it.

With off-site Cloud storage, you can hire a company to protect your data on servers outside your network. This means that even if your network and devices are compromised, the data will be secure elsewhere. It also eliminates the possibility of physical damage to a server. Whoever you are and whatever you do, Cloud storage is instrumental to the world we live in.

Secure Wireless Router

Another thing that is crucial for individuals and collective entities alike is to secure the wireless router. This is done in many ways. For example, changing the password is a good first step. Then, you can change the network name. You can also use encryption. Media access control (MAC) filtering will enable you to allow or deny any computer from accessing the network. Finally, updating and backing up the Firmware will help you secure the router.

As technology progresses, more and more people will realize that you don’t need to be a tech person to protect yourself and utilize the resources necessary to do so. Technology is changing our lives, causing new problems and providing new solutions. It is absolutely compulsory to respond to these changes, whether you like it or not. To protect yourself in the modern world, it’s imperative to protect yourself digitally. Your computer network may be vulnerable to attack. Use these methods to secure your information, devices, and network. You will be glad that you did when someone tries to attack you in cyberspace.