Meridian F80 Digital Sound System now available at $2,995 in the US

Meridian F80 Meridian America has launched the F80, an all-in-one digital sound system. The system will be available at $2,995. This all-in-one digital sound system features CD and DVD player and AM/FM radio. Also it offers connectivity with any type of MP3 player or iPod.

F80 is designed in collaboration with Ferrari. The body of the audio system is made of the same mineral-filled composite that is used by Ferrari on their renowned vehicles. Therefore it offers rigidity and high dimensional stability.

The built-in speaker of the F80 delivers room-filling sound. Thus it is ideal for using in all the rooms of the home including the bedrooms and the kitchen. Also users can carry it with them on holidays, in the home or boats.

“Our goal for selling the F80 online is to help introduce the Meridian sound experience to a customer base that may not have the time to visit a local authorized dealer. Online purchases can be made at any hour of the day and we are fully prepared to offer the 24/7 service that our customers are now demanding,” said Norm Steinke, Meridian America‚Äôs COO.

The F80 digital sound system will be available in silver, yellow, white, black and obligatory red colors.