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How To Merge Photos Online

Merge Photos Online

Not everyone is a professional image editor and that’s mainly why we’ve compiled convenient methods on how to merge photos online. Desktop applications like Photoshop could look expensive to many. And why shell out the cash when your requirements are just a dime’s worth of what professional-level software companies deliver? So we’ve put together a simple, but a detailed guide for morphing two or more images into one single frame without the need to download any third-party tool or even burn a hole in your pockets.

1. Photobucket –

You’ve surely heard of Photobucket. Founded back in 2003, this website serves up not only image and video hosting, but also a picture editing tool with which we will start for instructing you on ways to merge photos online. So with an account, you can edit images to perfection or basically simply the way you like it and even blend two or more of them into one. And here’s how to do it.

Photobucket Sign In

i. To begin, head over to the Photobucket website and sign in. If you’re not a member, you can register for this service by simply clicking on the Sign Up option from the upper right corner of the window.

Photobucket Upload

ii. Once you’ve logged in or have signed up successfully, the next step is to upload the images you want to blend. For that, head over to the Upload tab and click on the Select photos and videos button situated in the middle of the page.

iii. On doing so, a window should appear from which you can browse through your local machine for images. So navigate to the desired folder and select the photos you need by simply dragging the mouse whilst the left-click button is pressed to highlight them or you can hold down the Ctrl button and choose one picture at a time.

Photobucket Upload 1

iv. Now click on the Open button to start the upload process. Once that’s done, you can edit descriptions and add in titles from the next page. To proceed, hit Save and continue to My album option on the right.

v. Just above your newly created album, an Edit Photos option should be visible. After selecting it, all the uploaded images will be displayed. You can enter into the picture editor by selecting any one.

Photobucket Edit Image 1

vi. With the editor open, you may bring in multiple files through the Add more Photos option that’s located just below the on-screen tools.

Photobucket Merge Sample

vii. Now all that’s left to do is resize images by selecting and arranging them in the order desired. You can also feel free to use additional tools provided by the website to further enhance your pictures.

2. Pixlr –

So that’s one down and two more to go. Next up in our lesson on easy ways to merge photos online, is the image editing service Pixlr. If you’ve used Photoshop before or you’re somewhat accustomed to it, then there shouldn’t be a problem here as this web application holds a similar interface and most commonly used tools found in the professional PC software.

Pixlr Editor

i. First, head over to pixlr.com/editor. Now, you should be presented with four options. Assuming that your images are stored on a PC, select the second one. You can also create a new image or open one from a specific URL. To continue, browse and select your desired pictures and click on Open.

Pixlr Editor 1

ii. Similar to Photoshop, each image will pop up in a new window. To combine them into a single picture, head over to the File menu and select New Image or you can carry out the same operation by pressing Ctrl + N on the keyboard.

Pixlr Editor 2

iii. Once that’s done, you can drag and drop photos into the blank screen through the Move tool or cut and paste them with the Marquee tool. Well, if you’ve never used Photoshop before, chances are that you might have to mess around and experiment with a few options to get around more conveniently and utilize all the features optimally.

Pixlr Editor Sample

3. LunaPic –

Similar to Pixlr, LunaPic can also help you to merge photos online. However, unlike the two aforesaid services, this one has limited blending capabilities and is mostly suitable for adding watermarks or laying an image on top of another. So let’s have a look at what this web tool can do.


i. To begin, navigate to the company’s website. Once you’re there, you will be presented with an option to upload images or videos. After selecting the Choose File option, browse to where your pictures are located and select one. Before we continue, do note that the file you select first becomes the base image.

LunaPic 1

ii. After hitting on upload, your picture should show up just below the editing options. So here’s the main part – head to the Effects tab and select the Blend two Images option from the drop-down menu.

iii. The next screen will ask you to upload a second image to overlay on top of the first one. So select a new picture and follow the on-screen instructions carefully.

LunaPic 2

iv. Once you’re done, the Blend Image screen will show up displaying a few editing options. Lying just below them, you should find the base picture and a resizable version of the recently uploaded one. To make the changes permanent, simply click on the Apply Pasted Image button.

So have we answered your queries on how to merge photos online to your satisfaction? With these aforesaid tools, there shouldn’t be any need for shelling out a lump sum just for simple editing operations. Also, do let us know which of these free methods worked best for you.