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Memorex 500GB Essential TravelDrive USB Hard Drive Announced

500GB MemorexEssential TravelDrive Memorex has announced to release Essential TravelDrive USB hard drive delivering storage of 500GB. Earlier the TravelDrive USB series was available in capacities of up to 320GB.

The new USB hard drive possesses a rubberized grip area, which makes its easier to carry the drive. Besides, it comes in a sleek ocean and onyx black finish, with two interchangeable face plates.

“Memorex’s 500 GB Ultra TravelDrive is the latest in the ever expanding series of products designed for today’s mobile users and their content driven world,” said Keith Schwartz, director, North America sales and marketing, Imation. “The added capacity to the Ultra TravelDrive makes it ideal for frequent travelers, pro-sumers, photographers and graphic artists who regularly create large files and share them on the go.”

The Essential TravelDrive illuminates cool blue LED light when plugged in the USB port and it flashes during the data transfer. The latest USB drive is compatible with both USB 1.1 and 2.0 speeds and can be used with PC as well as Mac.

The 500GB Memorex Ultra TravelDrive portable hard drive is available in the US market at the price of $299.