MEMENTO Memory LifeBook Concept: A Memory tool for Alzheimer’s Disease

MEMENTO Memory LifeBook As the Alzheimer’s disease becomes a common name in almost every household, its treatment has gained higher importance. Peter Sin Guili from LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts in Singapore has come up with the novel idea of developing a device which will help patients suffering from the frightening disease of dementia, which is very well recognized as the Alzheimer’s disease.

The disease leaves the patients with memory loss and issues with attention and problem solving. Handling such patients who go through quite a few personality changes in them, becomes quite a tough task. The MEMENTO Memory LifeBook device claims to act as an efficient personal assistant and will support the patients with communication, memorizing the important tasks for the day, a to-do list that lets the patients carry on with their regular schedule. The device which can be worn around the neck is a mobile device which provides personal information and a photo function for the patient to recognize and link the photograph with the person.

With simple to use menu structures, the device can also make and receive calls in times of trouble. Although wearing it on the neck may make it look weird but its purpose is to avoid losing the device and also gives the user an easy access to regularly check the timely alerts.

The MEMENTO Memory LifeBook device will also remind the user about their medication schedule and packs a smart built-in GPS system to guide through the routes. The gadget acts as the best support with the assistive technology for the ones challenging the traumatizing Dementia disease. The supportive medical device still lies in its concept stage and here’s hoping that the device gets its life as soon as it can.