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Meet Xiaomi’s Qicycle, an affordable electric folding bike

Xiaomi Qicycle

Xiaomi’s quest for creating cheap alternatives to everyday technology products continues with its launch of the Qicycle Electric Folding Bike. This contraption has been launched only in China for now with a price tag of $2999, which converts to around $455 or Rs 30600.

It’s essentially a smart cycle as well, thanks to the various intelligent technologies it has on offer. It’s capable of connecting to your smartphone, and measuring your burned calories, distance traveled and traveling speed. This product of course also employs a Torque Measurement Method (TMM) to assist the rider’s pedal-power.

This is basically a component that makes it an electric bike rather than a normal one. Once the bike senses the amount of pedaling you are able to offer, its motors kick in and keep the wheels going at a steady pace, thus nullifying the need to keep pedaling.

Xiaomi Qicycle Foldable Bike

There’s a 250W 36V electric motor inside the Xiaomi Qicycle Electric Folding Bike, aside from a 18650mAh battery. This power unit can hold enough juice in it to let you cycle for up to 45km. Moreover, it even benefits from a battery management system (BMS) which electronically manages the rechargeable battery and protects it from operating outside its safe operating area.

And just in case the Qicycle runs out of juice during your daily cycling trails, you can make use of its Shimano shifters to make pedaling easy. The best part about this product is that it can be folded and placed inside a car without much effort, making it easy to lug around.

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The Xiaomi Qicycle Electric Folding Bike doesn’t look like it’s coming to any country other than China, but we’ll certainly keep an eye out for any news of that sort.