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Meet Apple’s first ever Android app

Move to iOS is the name of a new app that has just been released by Apple as its first ever software made for Android gadgets. This utility is aimed at letting you easily switch from an Android device to an iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch. It can be grabbed for free through the Google Play store right now.

Migrating your important content from an Android device to an iDevice is what Move to iOS has been built to do. It automatically and securely transfers your contacts, messages, photographs, videos, bookmarks and more by establishing a private Wi-Fi network between the two gadgets.

This application has been out for less than a whole day, and it has already been greeted by tons of negative reviews. Move to iOS is currently sporting a 1.8-star rating on the Play store, with around 1700 of its 2220 reviewers having given it a 1-star rating, at the time of writing.

Move to iOS

We’re guessing that mostly has to do with the Android-iOS rivalry among fans of both the platforms. Some of the criticism is also directed towards the fact that this app does not adhere to Android design standards, having chosen to stick to iOS guidelines.

Move to iOS was first unveiled during Apple’s WWDC keynote this year, and it’s on the date of iOS 9’s release that the company has chosen to make it available all over the world. It will prove to be extremely beneficial to those who will be ditching their Android devices in lieu of the upcoming iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus models.

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Like we said, the new Move to iOS app is now available for free download via the Google Play store.