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7 Medical Apps For iPad

Best Medical Apps For iPad

Medical apps for iPad cover all aspects of health and well-being. And as the saying goes, ‘health is wealth,’ the iTunes library indeed features a wealth of applications pertaining to this vital topic. In fact, it also has a dedicated section which sits snuggly amongst other categories like games, news, finance, entertainment and education. Heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure, among others are always a cause for concern. Keeping them in check and even preventing other ailments from cropping up uninvited are the need of the hour. For this reason, we’ve listed out a few software options that deal with different medical scenarios.

1 – Medscape:


Clinical information can be acquired right at your fingertips through Medscape. Besides being a helpful tool for healthcare professionals, physicians, nurses and medical students, the layperson can also take advantage of its wide database. Critical alerts and medical news that cover 34 specialty areas are provided via the app. You can even save these articles and email them to other concerned individuals. Furthermore, it offers prescription and safety information for more than 8,000 brands and generic drugs, herbals and supplements as well as OTC drugs. Pregnancy and lactation guidelines, detailed drug pricing and pill images, among others are what you can expect to see spread out across your portable tablet. In addition to the aforesaid features, the app also brings in over 100 tables and protocols, 600+ step-by-step procedure videos and more than 4,000 evidence-based articles complete with videos and images.

Price: Free

2 – Dental Expert for iPad:

Dental Expert for iPad

After dealing with overall drugs and medication, we move on to a more specific section of the human anatomy. Our list comprises of the Dental Expert for iPad app which may just give the tooth fairy as well as your dentist a run for their money. This particular application touches various aspects of dentistry and its procedures. Have a specific dental related query? Simply pull out your Apple slate and find the answers to all your questions as well as information based on other vital topics. Some of the subjects tackled here include, what to do when there’s a dental emergency, ways to reduce your dental costs, teeth whitening, how to choose a good dentist, detailed explanation of a root canal treatment and much more.

Price: Free

3 – MediMath Medical Calculator:

MediMath Medical Calculator

The MediMath Medical Calculator app equips you with 144 important medical calculators that are packed in with a quick and smart interface. You can punch in units and values as well as easily toggle between different fields. Exclusive to the iPad, it also provides a multiple-value choices pop over. Additional information such as helpful hints, equations, references and multimedia options are put forth to make your calculations and search results more fruitful. Some of the attributes sported by this application include A-a Oxygen Gradient, ABCD² Restroke Risk, APGAR Score, Bayesian calculators, Child-Pugh, Dermatomes, Hepatitis Discriminant, Water Deficit, Charlson Comorbidity Index and Fibromyalgia.

Price: $4.99

4 – Vision Test:

Vision Test

From the pearly whites which were dealt with through the Dental Expert app, we now address another vital aspect of the human body in our lineup. The Vision Test rolls out bearing a host of features that solely concern your peepers. It consists of various sorts of tests like Astigmatism, color, Duochrome, visual acuity and far field vision. The makers have even thrown in an eye quiz as well interesting eye advice and facts. All these inclusions have been embedded into the app for accurately evaluating your eyes without leaving the comfort of your chair. And if you find out from the test results that you really do need to visit an optician, then the software even locates the nearest one for you.

Price: Free

5 – VisualDx:


Developed a weird rash on your hands or face but don’t really know what it is? Well, now you can visually validate just what’s tarnishing your skin through the VisualDx app. There are loads of medical images and physician-reviewed clinical information to avail of. It clearly shows the variation of disease presentation depending on age, stage and skin type.

After pinpointing the condition, the next steps that have to be taken with respect to care and management are also provided. This useful app eliminates the need for individuals to play doctor on themselves and end up rubbing a wrong ointment or ingesting a tablet that’s meant to address another ailment altogether.

Price: Free

6 – Dosecast:


Taking your medication at regular intervals and even in accurate dosages may prove to be a daunting task. For this purpose, we have included the Dosecast in our array. The developers have revealed that through this offering ‘you’ll remember to take the right drug, the right way, at the right time, every time.’ It claims to accurately send dose reminders to the owner as well as track the time zone and adjust the reminders accordingly. This little feature is certainly useful for frequent travelers on heavy medication. What’s more, those in possession of an iPad device running on iOS 4.2 or later need not rely on the internet for receiving constant reminders. Other attributes present here include flexible scheduling, customizable dose amounts and instructions, postpone-able reminders, smart silencing, dose history and compliance and quantity tracking and refill alerts.

Price: Free

7 – Everyday First Aid HD:

Everyday First Aid HD

An emergency can occur at anytime and anywhere, without giving fair warning. Are you sure you’re prepared to tackle the situation at hand? Whether it’s a loved one or a stranger, you would have to keep a calm mind and administer first aid to them. The Everyday First Aid HD app includes well-organized information for any stressful situation that may arise while at the office, home or even on a vacation. The American Red Cross along with other health organizations has formulated the guidelines for various topics like heart attacks as well as jellyfish, scorpion, snake, bee and spider stings, among others. And accompanying the plethora of topics, are clearly illustrated training guides and information bits. Furthermore, acquiring an emergency contact is now just a click away as every second is precious in several cases.

Price: $1.99

In this fast paced world, individuals rarely have time to pay sufficient attention to their health. So we’ve brought technology into the picture and come up with 7 viable options. And definitely staying true to the phrase, an apple a day does indeed keep the doctor away, only this time around, it’s an Apple tablet instead of the fruity kind. All you need to know about health and other medical procedures are covered in our roster of medical apps for iPad. Do let us know which ones came in handy for you and if we’ve left out a few options that you thought would be great additions to our list.