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MediaTek develops 3G triple-SIM technology, True Octa Core SOC

MediaTek, the go-to chip maker for budget-friendly smartphone manufacturers, has announced its latest technology which brings triple-SIM support with 3G compatibility. The use of multiple SIM cards is in high demand especially in emerging markets and MediaTek has already shown much interest in this segment by delivering cost-efficient solutions which are in wide adoption.

The manufacturer states that the development of the 3G triple-SIM technology was boosted in response to the ‘widespread demand’ for devices carrying multiple SIM card slots. The Optimus L4II from LG is one example cited by the company. Like the previous generation technology which can be found in a plethora of phones and tablets amongst others, the latest installment will permit all 3 SIM cards to run simultaneously. This means you’ll be able to receive calls, send texts, access data and even keep each card on standby mode sans any excess battery consumption.

MediaTek SOC

Additionally, the 3G triple-SIM technology is said to deliver a ‘high level of stability’ which means that users aren’t likely to encounter poor voice quality in calls and drops during conversations. The company also asserts that the multi-SIM preferences can be conveniently modified or even turned off. In other news, the chip maker has announced the development of the True Octa Core SOC. This CPU, unlike current big.Little APs, can utilize all 8 cores simultaneously. The company is keeping mum on the silicon used for this chipset, but it has disclosed that the processor is capable of augmenting the overall experience from web browsing to gaming to FHD video playback and more.

The True Octa Core SOC will run at speeds of 1.6GHz to 2GHz, putting it in competition against the latest Exynos 5 Octa and the Snapdragon 800 APs. There’s no concrete word on when we’re going to see one of these chips in smartphones or tablets and the same applies for the 3G triple-SIM smartphone technology as well.