MediaMonkey 3 the music manager software to manage all your digital music

MediaMonkey 3 logoAre you a serious collector of music and finding it difficult to manage your music in your music library? Then Ventis Media presents you the latest version of award winning MediaMonkey music manager software – MediaMonkey 3.

“This release of MediaMonkey is a major upgrade over previous versions,” said Russell Samuels, VP Marketing at Ventis Media. “In addition to supporting the needs of serious collectors, version 3.0 is also slicker, more user friendly, syncs with more devices, adds Podcasting and Album Art browsing, and will appeal to almost anyone who feels that iTunes or Windows Media Player is too simple to meet their music management needs.”

The software can now store upto multi-terabyte of music collections with over 100,000 tracks.

“Our users told us that they wanted a Music Manager that can scale to 100,000+ tracks, so we designed MediaMonkey 3.0 for scalability from the ground up,” said Jiri Hajek, VP Development at Ventis Media. “To support such large collections, version 3 adds automated library management for bookkeeping functions such as volume analysis and file naming. It also allows users to segment large collections into sub-collections such as Classical Music or Contemporary Music, each configured with custom views and playback rules. For example, a Classical Music collection can be configured to display Conductor and play with cross-fading disabled.”

“Our buyers are serious audiophiles with large music collections in lossless audio formats such as FLAC,” said David Chesky, CEO of “MediaMonkey is the best music manager for our users. It supports all of the high-end features they require, without requiring them to be technically advanced.”

MediaMonkey also comes with 200 new added features:

  • Much-improved performance for collections of 100,000+ tracks
  • Classical music management: MediaMonkey 3 adds support for fields required by classical music collectors, and supports tags with multiple attributes (e.g. Artist field supports multiple Artists). Users can also create customized subcollections (e.g. a single library that has a Rock Music collection, Classical Music collection, Audiobook collection).
  • Automated library organization: MediaMonkey 3 Gold adds automated file organization that can re-organize tracks in the background into specific directory and filename formats as specified by the user.
  • AAC (M4A, M4P, M4B) tagging and playback
  • Podcast subscriptions
  • New UI and skins
  • Browsing by album art, iTunes-style browser, or Vista-style navigation bar
  • Automated volume leveling with per album volume leveling
  • New audio engine with crossfading and silence suppression
  • On-the-fly conversion and volume leveling for CD burning
  • Syncs and levels volume on-the-fly for the latest iPhones, iPods, and other devices
  • The MediaMonkey 3 is available in both free and paid versions. To avail it, users can visit

    Ventis Media has been providing serious music collectors and iPod listeners with advanced music management tools and jukebox, ever since 2003. With the latest version of their award winner MediaMonkey, listening and treasuring your music will become more pleasing and enjoyable.

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