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McAfee releases Mapping the Mal Web Revisited Report

McAfee Logo Mapping the Mal Web Revisited, a report released by McAfee said that Hong Kong, China, and the Philippines are the most likely to pose a security threat to visitors. The second annual McAfee reports that 19.2% websites ending in the “.hk” domain are insecure to visit.

While, China (.cn) comes second, the 11% of the websites ending with “.cn” pose threat. Philippines (.ph), Romania (.ro) and Russia (.ru) are some of the other websites that come in the list of top dangerous countries in web domains.

On the other hand domains such as “.fi” (Finland), “.jp” (Japan), “.no” Norway, “.si” (Slovenia) and “.co” (Colombia) are considered to be safe domains to surf, reports Mapping the Mal Web Revisited.

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Jeff Green, Senior Vice President of Product Development and Avert Labs said “For administrators of top-level domains this study should act as a wake-up call. Last year’s report spurred Tokelau’s domain manager to reexamine its policies.”

“Not all domain managers are as accommodating so our mission is to educate consumers of the dangers and protect them in every way they enjoy the Web whether through their PC, the Web itself, or mobile phone. With our new secure search and website safety certification, we’re taking the guesswork out of searching and surfing online so that consumers enjoy a safer Web experience,” Green added.

Other key findings from the McAfee Mapping the Mal Web Revisited report 2008 include:

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  • The chance of downloading spyware, adware, viruses or other unwanted software from surfing the Web increased 41.5% over 2007
  • Sites which offer downloads such as ringtones and screen savers that are also loaded with viruses, spyware and adware increased over the last year from 3.3% to 4.7%
  • The Philippines (.ph) experienced a 270% increase in overall riskiness
  • Tokelau (.tk) and Samoa (.ws) were notably safer in 2008 dropping to 28th and 12th
  • In Europe, Spain (.es) experienced a 91% increase in overall risk