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MATTERHORN – Largest Subwoofer in the World Woofs Big

MATTERHORN Largest Subwoofers This is every Rockstar’s dream come true with subwoofer twice the size of a man. Named, MATTERHORN, the gigantic music machines claim to provide the most powerful and booming effect.

Scare your neighbor away with the MATTERHORN that is given life by Danley Sound Labs. At a size of 20x8x8-inches, this is not a mere shipping container as it is powered by 40 subwoofers, 40 1,000-Watt amplifiers, 1100-inches of 12-gauge speaker cable, and 23-pounds of 0.030 welding wire. The subwoofer has been designed as per the specifications given by the military as there was a requirement for a source that provides 90 to 104DB with 15 and 20Hz which can reach up to a distance of 250 metres and the size limit given was a shipping container, which gave birth to the largest subwoofer MATTERHORN.

The huge system primarily plans on providing support to military activities, and will definitely give a great support to other activities such as Avalanche control, weather sensing like judging tornados and if it gets lucky it could also be used to blow away the rock concerts and mass media activities.

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