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‘Mata Hari’ PC Adventure Game announced by Anaconda

mata hari game Anaconda has announced a classic point and click PC adventure game, Mata Hari. The game is based on the Dutch exotic dancer and courtesan who was put to death by firing squad for suspected espionage during World War I. She had collective manhood at her command.

‘Mata Hari’ Game Overview:

Mata Hari as a classic point & click PC adventure game will be telling a story based on legendary dancer and spy Mata Hari. Story and game design of Mata Hari will be created by the industry veterans Hal Barwood (”Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis”; LucasArts) and Noah Falstein (u.a. “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”; Lucas Arts). The game is being developed by Hanover-based 4Head Studio.

dtp entertainment under the Anaconda label, will be the publishers of the Mata Hari game. It will be launched for the PC in Germany, Switzerland and Austria in Q1 of 2008. As of now no details on the release date of the game in the other parts of the globe, have been revealed.