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Mark Zuckerberg wants to build Jarvis-like AI


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is well known for his annual New Year’s resolutions to improve himself in various ways. Previous years have seen him resolving to learn Mandarin, read two books a month and meet a new individual every day. His 2016 goal is a bit different from the others, as it involves him trying to build an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system in his home.

In a post on his Facebook page, Zuckerberg said he wants to develop a simple AI to run his home and help him with his work. If you’re thinking of Iron Man, you’re not far off since he himself points out that the AI he wants to build would resemble the comic-book superhero’s intelligent assistant Jarvis.

Zuckerberg plans to begin his challenge by taking a look at what technology is currently out there. He’ll then proceed to teach it various commands using his voice. His version of AI will be able to take control of various facets of his home such as lights, temperature and music automatically based on facial recognition.

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The Facebook CEO plans to further instruct the AI to recognize friends when they ring his doorbell in order to let them in. Zuckerberg also wants to use the technology to act as a virtual nanny of sorts, keeping an eye on his baby when he’s not around. As for work, he thinks the system will help him visualize data in virtual reality to create better services and lead his company more effectively.

Zuckerberg is no stranger to new digital advances, having worked with the Facebook Messenger team to develop an automatic-response tool using AI within the chat app and diving into the designing of virtual reality software with Oculus. He plans to code the new AI system by himself, though, marking it as a personal challenge.