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MapMyIndia CarPad with Qualcomm processor zooms into India

MapMyIndia Carpad

The newest device to zoom onto roads in India is the MapMyIndia CarPad fuelled by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S1 processor. The device sports a 7-inch capacitive screen alongside support for 3G and GPS.

This 7-incher Android device promises to deliver a rich app experience with features which could add to the convenience of car owners. The CarPad comes with turn-by-turn voice guidance alongside 3D landmarks, buildings and house-level details. It can be used conveniently in the front or backseat with the bundled car kit’s head-rest and windshield mounts.

Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, MapmyIndia, says, “We are excited to launch CarPad which will revolutionize the way people travel in cars in India – because of the simple, ingenious way in which it offers navigation, entertainment, connectivity and productivity to everyone in the car, be it in the back-seat or the front-seat. For the industry, we see CarPad heralding a new era of the smart, connected car – seamlessly merging the consumer’s connected lifestyle into the car.”

The built-in 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth form the connectivity options of the MapMyIndia CarPad. This makes calling, messaging, chatting and browsing the web quite easy. Also, provision has been made for in-car entertainment allowing users to watch movies, Youtube, groove to tunes or flip through those cherished memories.

The MapMyIndia CarPad along with 8GB SD card, pre-installed MapMyIndia Navigator Aura and car kit can be picked at a price of Rs. 22,990. The car kit packs in headrest mount, windshield mount, CarPad holder and car charger. The CarPad will hit store shelves by September 15.