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Man sues Samsung after Galaxy Note 7 explodes in his pocket

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Burnt

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 woes have officially reached new heights with the arrival of news that the manufacturer is being sued by a man who claims the phone burned him. It seems inevitable that an exploding phone would eventually result in a lawsuit and there’s no telling whether this case will be the first of many.

Florida resident Jonathan Strobel claims the incident took place on September 9. This is a tricky spot to be in, since the explosion happened nearly a week after Samsung unofficially recalled the handset and a week prior to the formal recall notice in conjunction with the CPSC.

The lawsuit itself was filed a day after the latter occurred. As per Reuters, Strobel says that his Galaxy Note 7 caught fire in his front pants pocket while he was in a Costco Store in Palm Beach Gardens. The smartphone burned through the material, causing severe burns on his right leg.

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Unfortunately, Strobel’s injuries didn’t stop there as he also tried to remove the handset from his pants, giving rise to severe burns on his left thumb. His lawyer alleges that his client has a deep second-degree burn approximately the size of the phone on his right thigh. He also goes on to state that Samsung’s recall was issued too late.

Strobel’s lawsuit is now seeking unspecified damages for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical bills, and various other supposed injuries. Samsung has declined to comment on the case, preferring to once again urge Galaxy Note 7 owners to hand in their device.