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Man Says His iPhone 6 Plus Burst into Flame

Burnt iPhone 6 Plus

It’s a pretty common practice nowadays to place our handset for charging in our bed before nodding off to sleep. This habit turned dangerous for a man in the US, whose iPhone 6 Plus nearly burnt his house down after it burst into flames.

Cheap phones catching fire usually don’t turn any heads since one assumes the units are composed of inexpensive parts. An iPhone, however, is a premium product by a company famous for going through rigorous testing for all its offerings. This can’t even be considered a one-off incident, since this is the second iPhone 6 Plus to explode within the course of the same month.

The new incident took place in Atlanta, where David Grimsley had his iPhone charging next to him in bed. The unit suddenly started emitting sparks and flames. He quickly pushed the smartphone off to his carpet before his blankets caught fire and later moved it to a hard surface. He then proceeded to wait till the flames had died down.

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Grimsley told Fox News that he decided to contact Apple about the incident. While the brand accepted the problem and sent him a replacement iPhone 6 Plus, he felt disappointed by its response. He had assumed that the entity would be more concerned about the incident and would check to see if there was any damage or if he got burned.

Grimsley is now nervous about the new iPhone 6 Plus, fearing it may catch fire in his bed again if he leaves it for charging. There’s no way of knowing exactly why his previous Apple handset exploded, although phones in general have been known to catch fire because of damage to the unit or the utilization of an unauthorized charger.