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Man says his iPhone X exploded after updating to iOS 12.1

iPhone X Burnt
Image Credit: Rahel Mohamad/Twitter

A man in the US claims his iPhone X burst into flames while it was being updated to iOS 12.1 recently. The device was about 10 months old at the time and hadn’t exhibited any unusual behavior until then.

Rahel Mohamad posted about the incident on Twitter, demanding an explanation from Apple. As per his tweet, his iPhone X got hot and exploded in the process of shifting to the iOS 12.1 build. The company’s official support handle replied to his post by acknowledging that this is not expected behavior and asking him to DM them so they could investigate.

iPhone X Explosion

Mohamad later told Gadgets 360 that he had bought the iPhone X in January and had been using it without any incidents. The smartphone was in the process of getting updated to iOS 12.1 when he plugged it in to charge using the officially bundled Apple Lightning cable and adapter. The handset was supposedly very hot, prompting him to drop it immediately.

It was at this point that dark grey smoke apparently began streaming out of the phone. He disconnected the iPhone X from the cable, but this didn’t stop a massive explosion from occurring the moment the device completed the update to iOS 12.1 and switched on.

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You can see the damage the blast did to the iPhone X, breaking its glass and ripping open its innards. Apple has now asked Mohamad to ship the burnt phone to them so they can look into the matter. This could be a one-off incident since there haven’t been that many cases of the smartphone catching fire in the year or so since it’s been out.

It’s possible the iPhone X’s battery got overheated in the process of upgrading to iOS 12.1 and expanded too much for the device to handle. We’ll let you know if there are any further incidents of iPhones blasting open suddenly.