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Malaria to be battled on a Social Networking Site

Malaria insect International health experts have developed a new social network site to tackle the deadly malaria disease and also create awareness about the killer disease.

The website www.MalariaEngage.org is a site where the user gets to contribute 10 dollars or more to an initial choice of seven highly varied projects involving selected scientists in developing countries. Talk about and describe your opinions and thoughts through the discussion area where news and photos of both funded and proposed projects are displayed. One of the team members involved in the working of the site is 25-year-old Tom Hadfield, a self-described “part-time student and full-time entrepreneur” who got under the spotlight in his native Britain when Soccernet, a website he developed as a high school student in his bedroom, was sold at age 17 to ESPN for 40 million dollars.

“It’s shocking that thousands of people are dying every day from a preventable disease. When I came back from Africa last summer, a lot of people asked me what they can do to help” said Hadfield “By encouraging individual participation and involvement, we will create international communities of common interest.”

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Hadfield also plans to step the site into other social networking platforms such as ‘Facebook’ to create awareness and it will invite project supporters and spread the awareness further on with such popular social networking sites.

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