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Makers of unhackable ransomware hand over decryption key, say they’re sorry


Notorious ransomware group TeslaCrypt has been terrorizing gamers for a long time now, demanding payment in exchange for releasing game data which they stole. In an unexpected turn of events, the hackers have now decided to publish the master decryption key to unlock any file.

The news should come as a relief to the thousands of people affected by TeslaCrypt. The makers behind the virus are apparently closing their doors after more than a year conducting its nefarious activities. Security company ESET decided to take advantage of this development by anonymously requesting them for the universal master decryption key through their support section.

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To ESET’s surprise, TeslaCrypt honored their request and made the code public on its payment website. The group also took the time to apologize with a ‘we are sorry!’ message on the same page. They’re victims probably aren’t in a charitable mood though, given that they’ve likely swindled a number of gamers and aren’t likely to return their money any time soon.

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Anyone who has been affected by TeslaCrypt can now download a free decrypting tool developed by ESET. It should work on all versions of the ransomware and allow them to be reunited with their files. The security firm cautions that people should still be wary of ransomwares since they’re still one of the biggest threats facing consumers within the cybersecurity space.

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Most hacking groups aren’t likely to follow TeslaCrypt’s example, so the best thing to do would be to make sure your OS and programs are updated. ESET also recommends investing in a reliable antivirus solution which offers multiple layers of protection and regularly backing up vital data to an offline location.