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Make The Most of Your Gadgets with Money Making Apps

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There has never been a better time to make the most out of your gadgets with money making apps than the present moment. Any gadget (be it a smartphone or a tablet) that gives you access to the internet and has the capability to support mainstream applications i.e. Android and iOS is capable of making you some money. What most people don’t realize is that there are plenty of applications out there that can easily make you money with only little input from you. The payout you receive from these applications ranges from small to considerable amounts. Nevertheless, the process of finding applications that are legitimate and offer decent pay can be quite tedious and time-consuming. The following is a list of genuine applications you can download and use.


What iPoll offers you is an opportunity to make money through answering some questionnaires and filling out surveys. This application gives you the benefit of flexibility in that you can choose to be part of a survey whenever you want to. To get started, one has to sign up and provide some personal information which iPolluses to find surveys that suit you. Like most similar applications, payments will be made once a designated minimum amount is reached. For iPoll, this figure stands at $35.


Individuals who choose to sign up with Swagbucks will appreciate the many different ways you can easily make your earnings. This application allows you to earn cash rewards on participating in contests, filling surveys, voting in any available polls, watching videos, etc. Aside from the cash rewards you receive, a very commendable quality regarding Swagbucks is their sense of integrity meaning you should never worry about them defaulting on their payments.

CMC Markets

The CMC Markets trading app accessible via Android and iOS is meant to make your online trading as smooth and easy as possible. This application not only provides you with reliable technical indicators and charts which enable you to formulate effective trading strategies, but also saves all your analysis for future reference. This work will save you the hassle of having to go back to the drawing board in the future thus ensuring that your reaction time to trading opportunities is much faster. Users also get to enjoy detailed information, intelligent watchlists and a more comprehensive search function.


Stash will give you a bonus of $5 the moment you sign up. All you have to do before you officially begin investing with them is to make your choice from a number of portfolios provided. Once you’re done doing this, Stash will provide you with a series of handy financial tips and recommendations that are all meant to ensure that you get a worthwhile profit from your investment. This success will subsequently encourage you to increase your investment over time. You also get the benefit of learning and growing as an investor.


Do you mind having ads on your gadget? If you don’t have any problem with the occasional ad or promotional piece appearing on your gadget, then you might as well earn some cash from merely checking them out. Slidejoy doesn’t pay you to read the content or engage with it in any way, so all you have to do is merely open the ad which is essentially not doing much. The pay isn’t that high, but it is worth it given you aren’t working for it. Once you’ve received an ad you have two options. You could either swipe to the side in order to resume what you were doing before the ad was received or you could slide up to get another ad and consequently make more money.


What Clashot does for you is to enable you to sell any high-quality photos you’ve taken with your phone or tablet. While many professional photographers don’t consider such photos to be of the highest quality, there are people in the world that are happy enough to buy these photos from you so why not sell them? Clashot also allows you to set the prices on your photos according to how much you believe they are worth. Photos that are most encouraged are those of cities, food and art.