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Maingear Titan 17 notebook gets high on performance with Core i7 3930K, 3960X options

Maingear Titan 17

Not only does the new Maingear Titan 17 notebook come with support for the Intel Core i7 3930K processor, but also the optional six-core 3960X Extreme Edition desktop CPU. Accompanying these latest hardware components is a full sized backlit keyboard for enhancing users’ mobile experience.

Built with gaming in mind, the upgraded version of the Titan 17 is apparently aimed as a desktop replacement. Through the combination of the newly added processor options with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 580M GPU, professionals and demanding users should be able to work from almost anywhere without having to worry about performance. Besides these, the laptop comes with support for the Quadro 5010M graphics chip which houses 4GB of memory and 384 CUDA cores that are based on the Fermi architecture.

Maingear Titan 17 1

Wallace Santos, CEO and Co-founder of Maingear Computers, commented, “The new Maingear Titan 17 offers the best in desktop replacement versatility. With the power of the latest Intel 2nd generation Core i7 Extreme Edition desktop processor, dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 580Ms in SLI and with the option to use Quadro 510M graphics, this system caters to anyone looking for the ultimate mobile powerhouse.”

Another addition to this upgraded portable PC is said to be a full size keyboard and a numeric pad. Furthermore, its backlit illumination allows users to work in low light conditions as well. Other specifications seem to be the same when compared to the earlier variant. The gaming notebook comes bearing 2 USB 2.0 ports along with options of 3 SSDs or a SATA HDD and an optical drive. It is also configurable with maximum RAM of up to 32GB.

The new Maingear Titan 17 price starts at $3,499. The laptop is available for pre-order through the company’s website.