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This magnetic case protects your phone during workouts

Z-Case and Z-Band

If you’ve ever faced a situation at the gym where your phone had refused to stay put within your armband, Selfie-Z has a solution. The US-based startup has come out with a Z-Case and Z-Band for fitness enthusiasts who want to protect their smartphone while they workout.

The Z-Case is made up of plastic and uses 5 neodymium magnets to attach itself to the ferromagnetic Z-Band. The latter has been produced out of galvanized sheet metal and plastic. Selfie-Z claims the combination of the 2 creates a strong magnetic field which ensures the handset doesn’t slip during intense workouts.

Selfie-Z asserts the Z-Case and Z-Band can be utilized for a range of activities such as weight lifting, CrossFit, running, HIIT and biking. Both the products are relatively light at 1.75 ounces and 4.3 ounces, respectively. The former additionally packs 15 pounds of magnetic force.

On its own, the Z-Case could also be used to take selfies by attaching it to a metal surface. It’s a useful feature for people at the gym who want to click images or record videos of themselves without being forced to ask other people to do so or placing their device at an awkward position.

This aspect of the Z-Case expands its accessibility beyond fitness enthusiasts to a certain extent, as individuals can mount it on a metallic surface to take selfies anywhere. Selfie-Z is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to produce units of the accessories. It plans to keep the initiative open till January 25.

Early birds get a 15% discount if they place their order within this window. Selfie-Z has priced the iPhone 6 and 6S Z-Case at $34 and the iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus at $39. Adding the Z-Band raises the cost to $54 for the iPhone 6 and 6S. You can pre-order the products via Indiegogo.