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Magic Finger aims at revolutionizing touch-based interface

Magic Finger

Autodesk Research has come up with a prototype input device it likes to call the Magic Finger, and for a change, it’s not on Kickstarter. The hardware is being developed currently, and its maker has released a video demonstrating how it aims to implement the innovative technology in day to day life.

This small gadget is worn on the finger, and it supports always-available input. It features a micro camera and optical flow sensors which work in tandem, enabling it to sense the materials that it touches. Another one of its main aspects is the ability to read miniature 2D Data Matrix codes. Predefined actions can be mapped to several gestures of the finger, allowing users to enable the device to perform various actions.

According to GizMag, the prototype attaches to users’ fingers with the help of small Velcro ring that possess a set of wires running into a box of electronics. The high-resolution camera present on the ring is claimed to be capable of recognizing a total of 32 different surface textures with 98 percent accuracy. This allows its users to turn even non-digital objects into digital interfaces. For instance, a busy user can just tap their bag in order to ignore a call.

YouTube video

It’s quite difficult to judge the scope of the Magic Finger at such an early stage of its development. The Autodesk team however, has some neat plans for its baby. It aims to further reduce the size of the device in the future to the extent that it will be able to fit under a fingernail and remain almost invisible to the naked eye.