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MAGFAST Announces First Charger With Three Qi Wireless Coils

magfast-life-extreme Though wireless charging should be a game-changing innovation in a world where no one wants to live with unsightly cables and wires cluttering our homes and offices, it’s taken longer than anyone might have imagined seeing Qi wireless become the way that most users power up their devices. This hasn’t been helped by the fact that some of the biggest players in the mobile industry, like Apple, have canceled projects like the much-hyped AirPower with minimal explanation.

That’s why MAGFAST Extreme, the latest addition to the MAGFAST Family of charging devices, is so astounding. With three fast Qi wireless bases, it finally gives you the power to cut the cord and keep all of your devices running for hours on end. In addition to safe and simultaneous wireless charging options that have never before been seen on a device, you’ll also have the ability to charge your wired devices using the MAGFAST Family cable and up to five USB-C and USB-A ports.

Most astoundingly, you can even pull 12V power from an outlet built directly into the device, giving you enough energy to jump-start your car directly from the charger if you ever need to. The massive battery makes it safe and easy to do all of this at once, and there’s so much juice inside MAGFAST Extreme’s power cells that you could theoretically jump as many as 25 cars on one full charge from the device.

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With an extended form factor and high-intensity power source, MAGFAST Extreme provides the charge and connectivity that you, your friends, and your family need to survive long travel days and even weeks-long business trips. Furthermore, MAGFAST Extreme is rigorously tested to globally-respected UL standards, a long, high-cost process that ensures its safety.

However, MAGFAST Extreme is just one of many elegant, interconnected devices in the MAGFAST Family – a series of magnetically interlocking, fast-charging solutions that look and perform better than anything else in this extraordinarily crowded field. The other devices in the family include:

MAGFAST Life: an all-day, everyday portable power bank for daily use

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MAGFAST Road: a car charger that can quickly charge your other MAGFAST devices and provide an emergency flashlight

MAGFAST Air: a simple, visually stunning charging stand for any device charged wirelessly

MAGFAST Wall: reclaim your outlets and do away with a mess of cables with built-in charging, surge protection, and discreet cables and outlets hidden inside its minimalist design

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MAGFAST Time: an easy-to-use, fast-acting charger that can power your Apple Watch™ for as long as two weeks

MAGFAST CEO and founder Seymour Segnit calls MAGFAST Extreme part of “a new class” of uncompromising power devices designed to “truly take charging to the next level.” Sharing updates on this incredible new charger, he reiterates that the company “can’t wait to get these amazing chargers into customers’ hands.”

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