Apple Over-Ear Headphones Design Allegedly Leaked

Nov 16, 2020
Apple Over Ear Headphones Design
Image credit: 9to5Mac

Apple’s over-the-ear headphones have been in the works for years and now a new icon of the headphones spotted in iOS 14.3 has revealed the first preview of what these might look like.

The icon was spotted in the beta version of the “Find My” app. A video posted on Twitter shows a magnifying glass hovering over the headphones icon, reports 9To5Mac.

The magnifying glass also passes over a backpack and a suitcase which would be ideal places to store Apple’s rumored tile-like trackers.

The video reportedly found on the “Find My” app suggests it might be able to help a user find both the headphones and the trackers.

The new icon’s inclusion in the iOS 14.3 beta suggests that the headphones could be released alongside the software update.

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The Apple headphones are said to have a retro-look with oval-shaped ear cups that swivel and a headband connected by thin metal arms.

Earlier this year, two other icons of over-the-ear headphones were spotted in an earlier build of iOS 14, however, those icons were designed differently and suggested that the headphones might feature in black and white.

Apple headphones are rumored to feature sensors that detect the left and right ears and automatically route the audio channels. It is also said to feature embedded sensors to determine when and how the headphone is worn.