iPhone Cameras to Soon Get Faster, High Res Image Transmission Skills

iPhone Design Shock

Apple’s iPhone cameras in the future may adopt circuit boards based on liquid crystal polymer (LCP), in order to allow them to transmit high-resolution images at higher speeds.

According to a DigiTimes report, liquid crystal polymer printed circuit board (LCP PCB) may be adopted in iPhone camera lens modules in the future to support high-speed image transmission.

“Image data will be increasingly complicated in the 5G era and high-speed transmission will be needed to allow high-resolution images in live streaming and AR applications,” the report added.

This year, iPhone 12 models are expected to support mmWave but currently, it is not clear on when Apple’s iPhones are expected to include LCP-based camera module PCBs capable of faster image transmission.

Apple is expected to launch four new iPhones under the iPhone 12 series which would include two premium variants.

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iPhone 12 Pro will come in 6.1-inch or 6.7-inch sizes and may feature a high refresh-rate 120Hz ProMotion display, as presently seen on iPad Pro.

All four iPhone models are expected to feature OLED displays and 5G support.